It seems like everybody is talking about blue light filter eyeglasses in Nepal these days and there must be reason for it .So what exactly is blue light filter eyeglasses ? Today in this post i will try to explain about Blue light and its effects on eye.

Blue light is just one color in light spectrum like any other color for example Red, Green etc and it is present everywhere sunlight , outdoor, indoor lighting , Monitors, mobiles, digital screen etc.

But why should you worry about it then ?

Its because of its shortest wavelength ( 400- 500 nm ) According to physics , shorter is the wavelength of light rays higher is the amount of energy it contains . In short Blue light rays has highest amount of energy in it .

The other thing to worry about blue light is that it can pass through anterior structure of eye . The cornea and lens block harmful rays from reaching the back of the eye (the retina) but Blue light passes through these structures and can reach the retina which may increase the risk of macular degeneration and contribute to digital eye strain.

Blue light is everywhere and we are constantly exposed to it from the sources like sunlight, computer screens, tablets, mobile phones and other digital screen . so its on us how we manage ourselves from it .our brain associates blue light as daytime light, so if a person is exposed to blue light for long time during the night, blue light makes it more difficult to fall asleep at night and wake up in the morning which is most common problem nowadays due to prolonged mobile or laptop use .

While there’s no exact research done on how much amount of blue light is required to show serious side effects on eye but long-term exposure to digital screen can have some serious side effects. So this is where blue light eyeglasses can help .

Blue light eyeglasses in Nepal


There are two primary types of blue light both good and Bad . One kind of blue light damages cells of the retina, while other blue light affects our wake/sleep cycle . The good blue light appears to contribute to physical and emotional health and it is used in light therapy for certain type of depressed Patients .

So whenever you are buying blue light eyeglasses in Nepal ask if blue light eyeglasses allows essential blue light to pass through .


Blue light lenses filter out blue light by blocking the transmission of a specific wavelengths . For blue light lens to work it should block light rays this up to 455 nm.

If you have any questions regarding blue light prescription lenses . Feel free to contact us or comment below

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