There are many types of thoughts in our mind when the eye twitches. Some people consider it good and some bad.Twitching eye means different in different countries. The meaning of flaring left eye in Nepal is completely opposite to the belief of China and other country. In Nepal, right eye twitching is considered auspicious (favorable) and left eye twitching is considered a sign inauspicious(unfavorable) time.
Many times, it is given different recognition according to women and men. Flaring of the right eye is auspicious(favorable) for men and for women it is auspicious(favorable) to flick the left eye. Some even ascribe different meanings to the timing of the twitch and which eyelid twitches. For instance, some believe that a left-eye twitch after 7pm could mean an impending argument. But if it happens in the right eye, you’re in for some unexpected gains. Actually ,eye twitching i.e flaring of eye depends on the state of the internal system of the body.When the muscles around the eye becomes weak therefore our eye twitches. Blinking of the eyes is common.In this ,the muscles around the eye are automatically compressed due to which there are lot of confusion but there is no damage and it stops automatically in very short time.It is difficult to say what actually is the scientific reason for eye twitching but eye professionals believes that it is related to following reasons:

Lack of sleep due to stress or other reasons leads to fatigue. This fatigue is also often responsible for the Twitching of the eyes. You will get benefit from completing sleep.

Caffeine and alcohol
Many experts believe that excessive caffeine or alcohol consumption causes eye twitching. If you are consuming them more then it will be beneficial to cut it.

Dry eyes
About half of the population has problems of dry eye with age. Drying of the eyes is also common for people who constantly use computers, wear lenses, take some medicines or consume caffeine.
If you are tired and stressed you may still have to face this problem. For this, consult your eye doctor, or follow the tips for moist your eyes.

People who are allergic to eyes have problems of itching and swelling in their eyes. When you rub the eyes, antihistamines come out of these which also cause tears.
In some research, it has also been found that antihistamines also cause flaky eyes. To overcome this problem, doctors recommend taking drops or tablets. But keep in mind that do not take any prevention without consulting a doctor.

Lack of nutrients
In some reports, it has been found that due to lack of nutrients like magnesium, the eyes also start to flare up. However, this has not been researched yet but its possibility cannot be ruled out.
If you are feeling nutritional deficient then contact your doctor immediately.

When the number of your glasses changes, your eyes may get stressed. This may cause your eyes to work hard, causing the eyes to Twitch. Nowadays due to lockdown many people and children are using so much computer, mobile so, very common for the eyes to be stressed due to the use of computers, mobile If the problem has increased in your eye get your eyes examined because it means that your eyesight is decreasing. If you work on the computer for a long time, consult your doctor for protective glass.

When do eyelids twitches required a visit to the doctor?
Eyelid twitches are rarely serious enough to require emergency medical treatment. However, chronic eyelid spasms may be a symptom of a more serious brain or nervous system disorder.
You may need to see your doctor if you’re having chronic eyelid spasms along with any of the following symptoms:
• Your eye is red, swollen, or has an unusual discharge.
• Your upper eyelid is drooping.
• Your eyelid completely closes each time your eyelids twitch.
• The twitching continues for several weeks.
• The twitching begins affecting other parts of your face.

Treatment / prevention

If eye twitching is bothering you and it is becoming a health issue, no reason to panic when you can have the following tips to get rid of these problems at home.

• Have enough time to sleep
It is advisable to sleep more than seven hours each day because the recommended time to sleep per day is between seven to eight hours. When you sleep less than this duration it can result to health problems. Lack of sufficient sleep greatly affects the eyes, to avoid the twitch of the right eye, go in your bed on time and relax to a deep slumber of about eight hours each day.

• Maintain your eye well-lubricated
Having dry eyes contribute to spasms in the eyes. Fortunately the issue of dry eyes can be solved at home. Take lukewarm water on a basin and mix it with two table spoonful of honey and clean your face. Wipe it using washcloth. The honey in the water has a soothing effect on the eye and it will keep it well moist. The honey also reduces irritation of the eye and keeps it well lubricated.

• Sooth your eyes.
When your eyes are stressed by action of watching television or movie in computer for long time, it can cause spasms in your eyes. To relieve these faster at home, take cold water on a basin and cold compress your eyes using washcloth. The eye muscles will relax.

• Use milk drops
When your eyes are affected by allergies, smoke, pollution, dust particle and other chemicals like detergents, it is advisable to use cold milk by placing few drops in the affected eye. The milk has soothing effect that relieves irritation and twitching of the eye. Milk also lubricates your eye by moistening it.

• Take a balance diet
Your diet at home will help you to escape problem of muscle spasms in the facial part. Ensure you consume food rich in vitamin, B12 and magnesium mineral. Green vegetables are good for magnesium, supplement your diet with vitaminB12 and bask on the sun every morning replenish vitamin.

Shreejana Acharya

Vision Specialist

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